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Buy One Get One Free T-shirt Offer On Hoodies and Joggers

Buy One Get One Free Offers On Hoodie And Joggers

Optic images present less than non visuals. This concept applies deep in Buy One & Get One Free offers, it’s not just an offer rather than a broad view in the way of Online Shopping era.

Concept Behind Buy one Get one Free offers

Research has shown that one out of every thirty-five online store visitors generates revenue for only one percent! That’s right, only 2.86% of e-commerce website visits are actually converted into a purchase. 

I even thought it sounded unusual but it is a sad reality today. Companies must take steps to implement and relay various strategies and methods like ‘Buy One Get One Free’ to capture consumers at such times.

Buy One Get One Free T-shirt Offer On Hoodies and Joggers

Visual Measures 

Manja offers the same strategy to catch the eye of potential consumers. It offers everyone to buy a basic or manja brand logo printed hoodie and enjoy a free basic or manja brand logo printed t-shirt and everyone can buy a basic or manja brand logo printed joggers and enjoy a free basic or manja brand logo printed £1 T-shirt. As many times as wishes until this campaign calls for closure. 

Detailed Eye Wink

Fabric Overview

We offer 100% Cotton Fabric, Single Jersey Cotton Fabric, 60-70% Export Quality Fabric. We make the products you need and ensure the best quality of products within your reach. 


We have a keen eye to meet up the needs and aspirations of our consumers so as to ensure the best quality products inside next door delivery. Our products are washable twenty times and wearable as many times as customers want.


As we are limited to a few points, our service does not include a wide variety of colors and designs, including fabric patterns, various experiments and extreme fashion clothing popping versatility for now.


In this note, Manja tries to explain the pros & cons of this campaign ‘Buy One Get One Offer’ and the possible reasons behind its application. It tends to gain its mark in the virtual shopping market, creating a position among the many top rated competitors and thus gradually becoming one of them.

Manja manages its services to make the best use of its presence in the virtual shopping sector, to establish a professional mark in the virtual shopping market and thus has a great impact on trading for consumer services.

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